Carey Bailey


A mothers tears

I sat with a friend tonight. A fellow mom. The tears gushed, spilled, flooded, and there was no stopping them. Words like: Failure Overwhelmed Tired Non-stop Unable Need more time flowed from her mouth. I have been there. Can I assume you have been there too? There was NOTHING I could do to stop it. The negatives were untrue!  But in that moment, all I could do was be an ear to hear. It is in those times of feeling worthless that I need this: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through  ...

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THE “motherload” of Giveaways!

Mother’s Day is a week away and you ALL deserve a treat!  Which means let’s have a giveaway week! Here are my intentions: 1. Bless you with a few things you would enjoy but might never buy yourself. 2. Share the Cravings community with others. 3. Give some love to the fabulous giveaway sponsors. What is up for grabs? Set of Cravings devotional cards (to be released in August), $40.00 gift card to Pampered Chef, Soriee Stud earrings from Stella & Dot, $15.00 store credit to Fresh Chick  ...

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