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Tips & Tricks : Transform Your Weekly Shopping Time For Good


Online and subscription-based shopping has totally transformed the amount of time I spend in stores. I am no longer spending multiple hours in a week at Target and the grocery store. Instead I am able to spend my time where it matters. Not only do I save time but I am also figuring out that I am saving money because I am not shopping the clearance sections or the Dollar Spot. While I TOTALLY miss them this way is much better on the checkbook.

Check out my story below.

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Below is a link to all the resources I talked about in the video. Be sure to consider the $40.00 off coupon code for Hello Fresh. You will get a week full of dinners for under $30.00 – you really can’t beat that.

  1. – Your Target favs delivered to your door OR pick up your order at your local Target already all bagged and paid for.
  2.  – Basically they have anything and everything you could need and you can get it two days. I use it a lot for gifts and household items.
  3. – Toxin free household products like laundry detergent, cleaners, & beauty products.
  4.  – Healthy pantry stuff – we are a fan of their gluten-free section. This has been great for lunch box snacks.
  5.  – Hello Fresh will deliver fresh ingredients and healthy recipes straight to your doorstep each week.

Get $40 off your first order with this coupon code: 28A6WF

I would love to know if you have any online favorites. Next, I am going to be looking for fresh fruit delivery…milk, eggs, butter and bread come from the Milk Man in Colorado. It’s kinda fun!