Top Ten NON-CANDY Easter Basket Ideas.

I enjoy the Easter basket tradition because my parents made it so fun! We always had a THE great scavenger hunt far and wide across our little house and yard. And even though I am personally a HUGE fan of candy when it comes to my own kids I try to think of creative ways to make Easter basket hunting exciting without being all sugary sweet.

So here are my Top Ten NON-CANDY Easter Basket Ideas for this year!


As a Children’s Director I am constantly asked by parents about music. Their kids love the music they sing in church and they want to get a hold of it. So here are some helps for your littles when it comes to music…

1. The Whirl-n-Worship CD is one of my favorites for infants through Kinders. It is fun for them AND mommy! Seriously, I could listen to this without kids around. You can check it out here.


2. Tell the World, DVD from Hillsong Kids is a win for your littles through 2nd graders. This Aussie church always hits it out of the ballpark with their upbeat music and dancing. This is a great family dance night party DVD.

Go Fish

3. Superstar CD is another fun CD for all kids. It is made by a great acapella singing group and their sound makes you tap your tap your feet and attempt to scat. You just might embarrass your kids with this one on.

Happy Daylittle praise party

4 & 5. 10 years ago I had a great time seeing Yancy live. She makes powerful music for teens. But recently she started cranking out music for kids. These two DVD’s are fun to put on in the car or also a great resource for at home worship time. Click on the titles to watch  previews from each of these DVD’s, Little Praise Party-My Best Friend DVD and Little Praise Party-Happy Day Everyday


You Are Special

6. A dear friend gave us Max Lucado’s You Are Special and Three Other Stories: A Children’s Treasury Box Set before our son was born. And I have to say You Are Special is a book you will read with your child till they are make you stop and then you will keep the copy to read to your grandkids. It is an incredible reminder of how unique God made us.


7. One Easter we gave my son a Noah’s Ark Playset from Fisher Price. We hid all the animals in eggs and then he found the Ark as the BIG prize! He loved it then and it is still getting plenty of attention three years later!


8. Every Easter basket needs a little shake from an Egg Shaker (colors will vary)


9. If you are looking for a way to teach your kids about spending, saving, and giving I was thinking these Decorate-Your-Own Piggy Bank would be cool. You could get three of them, the kids could decorate, and then they would have ownership of their own little banks. 

10. I am a Veggie Tales and What’s In the Bible ? fan!!! So any of their DVD’S would be a joy inside an Easter basket but they currently have a great coupon going on right now for their life of Jesus DVD. Click on the coupon below to redeem.