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Tuesday Tips on Thursday: Advent Resources

Yes, I know it is Thursday.

And yes I know this says Tuesday Tips.

Tuesday seemed to escape me but I still wanted to share my Tuesday Tips with you so I just thought we would do them on Thursday. Hoping that works for you!

There are so many incredible Advent resources available and there is simply no way to do them all. I wanted to give you a glimpse into my favorites in case you are trying to narrow your list down.

For You and the Kids: Truth in the Tinsel

This is a resource I got to preview and review last year. I highly recommend it! While it was impossible for me as a parent that works outside of the home to do every single bit of it I was thankful to have this kid friendly resource at my finger tips. It comes complete with reading lists, activity lists, craft supply lists and much more!

I respect the intention and heart behind this downloadable resource! You can read my review here.

Buy Here!

For the Family:FREE printable of Activity Ideas

Pinterest is full of sweet free Advent activity printables but this one grabs me the most. The ideas on it are realistic and she gives you some blanks to make up your own. If you are in the desert with me I plan on creating snow balls out of paper since we are still in the 80’s!!!

Download here!

For You: Adult Advent Calendar

This one is on the pricery side of life ($15.00). But I can’t help just loving this visually beautiful Advent calendar from Naptime Diaries. I am thinking of hanging it in my office.

Buy Here!

And of course don’t forget your FREE downloadable bookmark from little me. I have had people ask why there are 3 of week one on a sheet. Well….if you are anything like me you have Bibles in multiple places so I thought having more than one would be helpful so that you can stick them in The Bible that lives  by your bed AND the one that live in your potty room. :)

Download and Print the Advent Scripture Reading Bookmark

Would love to know your go to resources???