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What’s up with Consistency?

creating consistentI set my priorities every 90 days. I try to be realistic with what those 90 days hold. Is there travel going on, are there lots of birthdays, am I in a busy season with speaking or Allume? My last set of priorities was made back in November and end on January 31st. I am currently failing at TWO. Creating consistency and being patient.

I have defined that my aversion to consistency was because of the perception I had of the word. It felt terribly boring rather than exciting, adventurous, and awesome like I soooo want to be.  ;-) So we are doing a makeover! I like makeovers. Those are fun!!!

With that realization I knew I needed to take this baby a part. Yesterday I defined my “why?”. Why do I desire consistency? Thankfully my answer falls within my values set which means we can move on to the next part.

The “What?”

What do I desire to be consistent?

This can work for any Word of the Year. What do you desire courage for? What do you desire commitment for? What do you desire discipline for? What do you desire to be intentional with? And on and on and on it can go.

cc what

Since I had so much fun chatting with myself I think we should just try that again.

Carey 1: You said you want consistency for your family so that at the end of the day life feels like it has been productive. Tell me what it is you want to be consistent? Make me a list.

Carey 2: Well since I have been sitting on this for quite a bit I have this pretty well dialed in.

      • I desire a consistent prayer time for myself, with my kids, and with my husband.
      • I desire consistent individual and family Bible reading.
      • I desire consistent self-care. (date nights, hair, alone time, girls night, exercise, eating)
      • I desire consistent home and car care. (kitchen sink clear at night, laundry done and put away once M-F, have a place for everything, car not treated as a trash can, purse not treated as a trash can, clothes off the floor, vanity clear, desk not insane, family photos kept on top of)
      • I desire consistent kid care. (one-on-one dates, teaching in the home, playing, adventures, patience, discipline, hygiene, love, joy, laughter, extracurricular activities)

Carey 1: Okay, great! You do have that dialed in. Good job. Now pick 5.

Carey 2: Five. What do you mean? I only have six things on there.

cc top 5

Carey 1: You have six categories and close to 30 things you want to do. I want you to look at your list and pick 5. The five that are most important to you.

Carey 2: Well that stinks. I want to do them all. Like right now.

Carey 1: Great idea. Your execution will disappoint you, then you will get discouraged, and then we are back at square one. Pick five total, please.

Carey 2: Five, five….well it feels obvious. Bible reading for myself and with the kids. Prayer time with the kids, with my husband, and set aside time for myself. I mean we do all of this but sometimes we skip Saturday because it is Saturday you know and doesn’t everyone skip this stuff on Saturday? Or Friday movie night happens and someone falls asleep and then we are all toast. 

Carey 1: Great! Good work. We will get to the obstacles another day.

Carey 2: That’s it. That’s all I get to do or work on?

Carey 1: Breathe deep and enjoy the idea of having a consistent prayer life with your family and for yourself.  Think about the possibilities of consistent Bible reading for your family. We will talk again.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

Your turn! What is your “what?”. Make your list and pick your top five. If you are struggling email me at or post it in the comments and I will feedback with you the best I can.

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