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What will you accept? What will you reject?

Hi all!

It is time for part two of from Juggling to Joy.


We are working on how do we move from women who feeling like they are constantly juggling things this holiday season to women who are actually taking a deep breath and experiencing the joy of the holidays? While it isn’t easy or the trending choice, it is possible.

Last week, we looked at the fact that priority #1 is getting grounded in your personal “God with us.” verse. What verse or verses will remind your mind in the midst of juggling that this time is truly about celebrating that God came to be with us through His son, Jesus and not about keeping up with Pinterest and Instagram styling? And then how will you keep those verses in front of you?

This week we need to examine what ALL we are juggling and then make some intentional choices from there.

Check out this weeks video.

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What are you juggling?

Ex: kiddo expectations, lots of asks, more meals and food needed due to family coming in town,etc…

What are you willing to accept?

Ex: I will accept breaking our Friday night, movie and pizza tradition so that we can discover Christmas fun in our new community.

What do you want to reject? 

Ex: I will reject trying to do it all. I will reject the urge for more Christmas decorations and work with what I have. I will reject over-stuffing our calendar.

What about you?

What do you want to accept and what do you want to reject?

Here is a printable so that you can keep all of this in one place and remind your heart and mind what your hopes are for this Christmas.


Click here to download the worksheet or right click on the image above.

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