13 Fear & Doubt Busting Scriptures.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I am part of an online encouragers group called Woman Leading Woman. It is a facebook group launched by the fabulous Holley Gerth and coordinated by Jo Ann Fore. Anyone who is in ministry to women is welcome to join! Once a week I have the honor of facilitating the group and last week we had a fun little scripture swap on my day.

We were looking for scriptures that assist us in stopping the lies when fear and doubt start to creep in. Don’t you just hate (I know, I know a strong word but correct usage in this case) those creepers?

Fear and doubt sneak in during times we least expect! The cool thing is we can knock them out with one punch and that is God’s word. His word is truth and that truth will free us from the lies that come sneaking in from this world. Amen???


I took the scriptures the ladies came up with and turned them into printables since I know as women and mamas we all face those times when we need help drawing upon what is good and true so that we don’t get stuck wallow in the untruths living in our head. Seriously, it is so annoying when they come. I had them sneak in on me on Easter Saturday as I was prepping for 1000’s of kids to come on our campus. I just wanted to kick-box them! So I would encourage you to print these, cut them out, and place them in your wallet, car, or junk drawer. Put them some place easy to access so in those times that you hear those nasty creepers you can blast them with this blinding light.

Blinded by the light….anyone else singing with me?

Fear & Doubt Busters 1-8

Fear Busters 1-8

Download here or from Google Drive here!

Fear & Doubt Busters 9-13

Fear Busters 9-13

Download here or from Google Drive here!

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