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House “Rules” In Action.

Last year I did a mini series on the book Revolutionary Parenting by George Barna.

339375: Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual Champions Revolutionary Parenting: Raising Your Kids to Become Spiritual ChampionsBy George Barna / Tyndale House

What are the key factors that will make a difference in the spiritual lives of your children? Barna surveyed thriving adult Christians and discovered the essential steps their parents took to shape childhood character. He reveals surprising information about popular parenting tactics and shows you how to instill a vibrant commitment to Christ in your kids. Paperback.

We were reading it with our small group and now my husband and I are teaching it at our church as a Wednesday Night Life Group offering. This is my third time through the book and each time it challenges me in new ways. I don’t agree with it all and it is especially tough information and data to handle as a “work outside the home mom” and even tougher if you happen to be a single mom which we have several in our Wednesday class but I like to be  pushed and pulled by the information in it. It makes me intentional in my parenting and that is important to me. As a Children’s Director in a church I have read a lot of parenting books and this one is my favorite! I recommend people read even BEFORE the babies come!

Chapter five encourages you to set house rules.  They want to to create something that you can reference daily and bring your kids back to if they are not making great choices. We finally, finally got ours put into a form that I am excited to frame up and put up in the kids play room which will one day be their homework/hang out space. Yes, it took me over a year to get it done and hopefully actually framing them doesn’t take me another year.




It is all thanks to my beyond talented and gifted friend Christine Caldwell of Kindred Spirit Creative. I told her what I wanted and she easily made that BUT then she whipped up a second version and it ended up being EXACTLY what I wanted even though I didn’t know it!!! Yay!!!

So if you are even in need of custom design work this is your gal!!! She does Christmas cards, birthday invites, and business cards. You name it, the girl does it!

Do you have “family rules” to live by? I would love to hear about them.


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