Dear God Letters

God, I would like you to speed up. Please.

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God, I was thinking.

Good morning Carey.
Good morning. I was thinking about what I said yesterday about why you don’t just swoop your wrist around and fix everything.
Yes. That was pretty funny. Because I know you know good and well why it can’t work that way.
Yes, I know we live in the world and this is a world where there is free will. BUT you have been known to do miracles. Everyday there are people that get miracles so I would like to order one of those right now.
I would like to place my order for the just right job that will make Eric as happy as he was. I would like to order that it comes prior to the end of September so that we don’t have to adjust anything monetarily. And I would also like to order that it comes with the least amount of change possible. Okay? That would be great.

You realize I am working really hard to not LOL at you right now!
Why? You say to ask, seek, and knock so here I am.
I hear you asking. The other two are questionable right now.
Deep breathe Carey!
I don’t want to take a deep breathe.
I want this to go my way and I want it to go there now.
Carey do you not think Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Ruth, Naomi, and so many who have come before you didn’t want the same thing?
Oh gosh, why do you have to throw all their names in my face?
Because Carey they are there for a purpose. They are there to teach you, guide you, and remind you how I work.
God I could really do without the Sunday School lesson right now.
Carey, here is the deal and I want you to repeat this to yourself whenever you start to question me:
It could be worse.
What? Really?
Yes, Carey. There are people out there starving, literally. There are people broken, bruised, and enslaved. There are parents mourning the loss of their child, people who had an unexpected loss last night, people who can’t move out of their beds because they are trapped by depression so get a grip.
Here is my advice to you.
Be joyful because you have hope. Be patient when trouble comes, and pray at all times.
Romans 12:12
Thank you, God. There is no more for me to say right now. 

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