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From unbalanced to in balance. It is H A R D!


Ladies, my hard look at what ALL I was trying to bring into balance kicked my tail feathers. How about you? It was an eye-opening, to say the least.

Because I felt like I had a good handle on EVERYTHING I was trying to balance I asked myself an alternative question.

What did I feel like was getting neglected in my life? I made a running list. 

Ug. The answers to that question were not fun to face. When I sat down to examine my list it hurt. The things getting neglected were things that fell into my priorities and soul values. Things had gotten flipped that shouldn’t have ever been flipped and over the weekend I had to take a serious look at how I was going to self-correct. Yes, Life Coaches have to do it too!

When I think about going from desiring balance to a place of actually getting there I think it is a lot like getting in healthy. Again, Ug! That is totally not my favorite thing. I know what I should do but what am I really willing to do?  Am I willing to make the choice to do the hard work it is going to take? I know I should move more, drink more water, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I want to do that and sometimes I really just want to stuff my face with Candy Corn and grilled cheese. Reality!

The same it totally true about bringing your life into balance. Now that you know your own personal definition, you know the places that are out of balance and you have a vision of what life COULD look like it is time to make the choice. Will you do the hard work to move from unbalanced to in balance? My prayer is that  you will say “Yes!”


Before you decide, watch this week’s Tips & Tricks video so you peek into how I am going to move from stuck to unstuck when it comes to my cleaning. It is simpler than you may think.

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What this video doesn’t cover is the amount of purging I am going to need to do so that I can intentionally get my values and priorities back in order. It will equal putting some things on hold, saying no and stepping back. H A R D!!

My priorities are:

Faith . Family . Ministry

My soul values are:

Faith . Faith . Friends . Creativity . Balance

It is important to know these things. And my reality is that over the last 6 weeks faith and family were coming in at last place. I have made a decision that even though my ministry projects list is a mile long those projects will be on hold till faith and family feel like they aren’t getting the short end of the stick. I know, I know, I know from much experience that if I don’t stop it all now that it can snowball to an unhealthy place and I refuse to be an Israelite. I don’t want to have to repeat an old lesson learned! Amen?

What do you think? Are you willing to say “Yes!” to getting in balance? Are you willing to work, purge and make some tough calls so that life will stop feeling like a rickety roller coaster? Are you willing to add some tangible action steps to create the movement? I sure hope so.

If you want to discover your soul values email me at and I will introduce you to the tool I use to make that happen. Seriously, let me know how I can help. I want this for you.