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What is out of balance?


We are spending these weeks before the holiday crazies to take a look at balance. Because wouldn’t it be lovely to go into the holidays with a plan of how to not let it get out of balance? So, what is balance and how do you get it? If you missed week one make sure to check it out here : What is balance and how do you get it?

We can’t tackle getting in balance without knowing what is out of balance.

So what in your life feels out of balance and what would your life feel like if it was in balance? Check out this week’s Tips & Tricks video and then let’s get started.

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Let me re-cap for you.

Assignment 1: Create a master list of all the things that feel out of balance currently.

Examples: Cleaning, bill paying, self-care time, volunteer commitments, etc…

Assignment 2: What would a life in balance look or feel like?

Example: A life in ideal balance would mean that as I enter Sabbath on Friday at sunset my house would have been freshly cleaned and all  the laundry would be put away so that I can be fully present in my time of rest rather than having little things irritate me. 

Spend the next week taking care of responding to these two things and then you will be ready to dive into turning this into action steps next week.

And don’t forget our working definition of balance!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below and am happy to brainstorm with you.