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How to Move A Want Into Reality.


I pray you had a sweet week of listening. I know there was more fruit for me than I expected but I am not surprised. When I take intentional time to listen I am always blessed.

We are now moving into week three of the No Resolution Revolution. Week One we made our master list, week two we narrowed it down to no more than 15 and now it is time to move into the last phase.


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We have made it to the action phase. Woo hoo!

How do you want to make your final list official? A note inside your journal, post it on your fridge, a note in your phone? What if best for you? Where will you see it most often and how can your bring it to life?

Next, add some action steps. Don’t make action steps for all 15 (if you ended up with 15) but choose the 3 you are drawn to most. How do you move it from a priority to a reality? What do you need to get done and what are some hard dates you want to meet? Who are you going to partner with for accountability?

I will see you back here next week for a wrap-up. I would love to know if you have ideas for more 2017 Tips & Tricks series. I want to meet you where you are.