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10 Outdoor Labor Day Activities for Kids

The long Labor Day weekend is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family. If your summer life is as hectic as mine, you may not be able to get away for a vacation, but there’s still time to have some fun with your children. Here are some ideas for fun activities to keep the kids busy playing outside this Labor Day weekend.     Lemonade Stand Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned lemonade stand. It’s also a good opportunity to teach your children just a little bit  ...

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#SoulCare: 5 Unique Ways to Manage Stress

“The Lord will guide you always… You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.” – Isaiah 58:11   When life becomes busy and it seems like too much to handle, it can be easy to forget that God has a hand in everything. We all deal with stresses—whether they be from work, home, or elsewhere—and managing that stress is a difficult task. When stress starts to make me crazy, I use these tools to honor His guidance and take some time for #soulcare.  ...

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How to Trailblaze Through Trials

You know that feeling when you’re just starting a trial — big or small? Like when you realize you only have one of your favorite earrings in, and you pray that the other is just at home on your dresser? Or when you’re sitting at the doctor’s office, and the nurse walks in with a grim look on her face? Or when you get a phone call from an unknown number while your family is out of town? When we go through trials, we often want to curl up and hide from the world. When our hearts are breaking,  ...

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Create Joy in Relationships

When you’re running low on joy, what do you do with your relationships? Do you draw near to your friends, or do you push them away? Do you cry out to your Maker, or do you pull the curtains closed? Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, but God created us to be relational beings like Himself (there are three persons in the Trinity, after all!). So when we listen to the lies of the devil and start thinking that we’re better off alone on our little desert islands of joylessness, we miss out on one of  ...

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