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Praying for Others Printable.

praying for othersYesterday I shared my struggles with creating a way to pray for others and this world so I made a list of frequent things I do in my day and week and then I associated them causes and people I want to be in prayer for. I hope my list is a jumping off point for you to come up with your own list. Can I tell you my favorite part of this list? Last night when I was cooking dinner I told my kids we were going to pray for our Pastors and church teachers. I LOOOOVED listening to my kids prayer for their church leaders.

But, I realized I needed something to help remind me of the entire list…enter printable bookmark version.

praying for others bookmark

If my list resonates with you then you can download from Google Drive here.

praying for others full sheet

I did make one addition. I realize I spend a lot of time on my computer during the day. So when I am on my computer I will be praying for single moms, tried moms, and worried moms. If that is you know I am praying for you as I type.