You Are Exactly The Mom YOUR Child Needs.

You Are

“You are a mess.” 
“You are amazing.” 
“You are in over your head.” 
“You Are ________”
Two words loaded with either accusation or affirmation. 
As moms, we tend to let in the accusatory “You Are”s and ignore the affirming ones.  Or in the absence of the world accusing us, we accuse ourselves. 
Here’s the truth:  What we believe “we are” has a huge impact on us.  Our relationships.  Our parenting.  And… it affects what WE tell our kids THEY are. 
In a crazy web of guilt over past mistakes, mediocrity and not-measuring-up-to-super-mom-down-the-street, we seem to have convinced ourselves that our kids deserve better somehow, and that “We Are Not the Best Parents for Our Kids”. 

You Are Exactly The Mom YOUR Child Needs. 

Yes… we should always be learning more, asking God to strengthen our weak spots, growing as parents… yadda yadda yadda.  But for a minute (this one right now), let’s just stop seeing ourselves as “less than” what our kids need. 
That kind of inferiority complex is exhausting, paralyzing, contagious and WRONG.    
The Bible is clear:  We were chosen ahead of time.  Known in our mother’s womb.  Given a future before we took a breath.  Nothing about us or our lives is coincidental.  It is no accident that you are your children’s mother, and that they are your kids.  The faster we can get our heads around the fact that we already ARE enough, the faster we can start ACTING like the moms we want to be.   
Today (right now), tell yourself this (outloud, no cheating):
“I am exactly the mother my child needs, loves, and wants to be around.”
And while you’re at it, tell your kiddos that they are exactly the kids you need in your life, and exactly the kids you love and want to be around. 
Turns out, God knew what he was doing after all.    

Carrie Fay is a wife and mom who is discovering daily what it means to be… a wife and mom.  She is grateful for the chance to have experienced motherhood biologically (read: epidural) and through international adoption (read: 30 hour flight with a sick baby you just met), and is proud of being a part of a family that doesn’t match physically.  She makes up for having a terrible memory by obsessively taking photos of her family and other families, and documents her kids’ lives through blogs at and


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