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Give Your Wife Gifts of Relaxation and Time this Mother’s Day

This one is for you, men! Some of you are great gift-selectors. Others feel a sense of dread every time Mother’s Day comes around: What will I get her? What does she want? What does she need? Chances are, your sweet wife — or your own mother — has a life that’s full to the brim. She has a full plate. A full heart. A full schedule.

What she doesn’t have is time.

The reality is, you can’t even add time to your own days, let alone someone else’s. But you can free up time that your wife spends on one thing so she can spend it on something else. Having more time isn’t about having more of a resource; it’s about wisely spending the resources God has given us. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” And He provided the time for us to do those good works when we order our lives according to His priorities.

This Mother’s Day, here are some ways to free up time for your wife (or any other moms in your life) to spend soaking in her relationship with the Lord, resting in His love for her, and walking in the good works He created for her. She’s spent so much of her life pouring into others; this is your chance to pour back into her by giving her time to rejuvenate.

Here’s how:

  1. Take over her household responsibilities for a day. Ask for a grocery list and run to the store; do the dishes; clean whichever part of the house she most hates cleaning. The kids can help, and you’ll doubly bless her by teaching them new skills and spending quality time with them. Let her escape to a quiet room with a good book or a coffeehouse for a date with a friend.
  2. Send her to the spa with a gift certificate, and tell her you’ll call the spa in case of an emergency so she can unplug for a couple hours. Then take the kids on an adventure.
  3. Give a long-term gift by taking over a regular responsibility. Maybe it’s one dinner or one bathtime and bedtime a week. Maybe it’s a particular household chore. Whether your wife works in or out of the home, chances are she has a full slate of responsibilities that you can help lighten to show your love for her.
  4. Give her my Craving Time e-course. This course is all about her figuring out who God created her to be and then making choices that reflect that reality. Through five videos, worksheets, and a values inventory that I’ll personally assess, Craving Time will free her from being trapped by time and instead allows her to focus what matters most to your family and to the Lord.

And then enjoy some sweet time with your rejuvenated love. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!