Dear God Letters

God, I really wanted THAT lime.

I was picking limes off our tree that just overflows with sweet little green gems and there at the tippy top, smack in the center, was THE lime I wanted. It looked so perfect! But I couldn’t figure out how to reach it. I wasn’t tall enough even if I had gotten a ladder. Plus, the idea of being jabbed by all the thorns didn’t seem fun.
So what did you do?

Well I thought maybe if I got in the center of the tree, I could go from underneath it. In my mind, I should have been able to reach straight up and get my hands on the perfection I was after.

Once I got under the tree, hugging the trunk, I looked up and all I could see was this mass of leaves, branches, and some inferior limes to the one my heart desired. But I truly couldn’t find my lime anymore. It was no longer in view. Instead it had become blocked from sight. I couldn’t help but be reminded of our current life situation.
What do you mean?

I feel like the last couple of years, I have worked so hard to be able to obtain my own life’s version of THE perfect lime and now I have lost sight of my goal due to circumstances. You know we have been making tough choices financially to work towards being debt free, I have barely slept so I could build a product and brand, we have been praying together feverishly, and then, bam, we were smacked with the news that the job that provided the majority of income for our family no longer existed. My love has been left saddened, but not defeated, that the career he had passion for is no longer in place. We went from being a few rungs on a ladder away from reaching our goal to being covered in muck with no golden treasure in sight.

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