Dear God Letters

God, my grip is too tight.

Good Morning.
I realized something 
or maybe I should say I am realizing something.
What is that?
I am holding on too tight.
What do you mean? Like to the steering wheel?
Ha ha. You are a crack up.
 I know you know what I mean.
Yes, but I want to hear you say it. Give it to me.
Okay, I am holding on too tight to everything.
The kids
My dreams
My hopes
My wants
My desires
My house
My comforts
My, my, my everything!
Ah, yes that does sound like a bit of an issue. There was a lot of the word my going on in there. 
What is it really? Or I should say whose is it really?
It is Yours not mine. It is just so easy to think once you give it to me as a gift that it is mine. 
Mine for the taking, enhancing, making better but that isn’t the case is it?
Is it?
No, it is Yours ALL Yours. It is just on loan to me. I am to learn from it and share it with others. So why do I have this need, drive, or something to attempt to enhance what you have already thought through?  
Why do you?
Do I really think I can make something you created and crafted BETTER????
 I feel purposeless not trying to DO something. 
Aren’t I supposed to be active, be your hands and feet, be working to help people know you more?
Sure. But it is the motives that can get you sidetracked.
Well that is a dagger in the heart right there. My motives… I try, try, try to keep my motives pure but there are more times than not that the world gets the best of me. And then my grip gets even tighter.
Here is what I can tell you and then it is yours to believe or not believe.
I am ready.
If you would simply chose to stop trying soo, soo, soo, hard you would get the opportunity to watch Me, God, Creator of the universe, The One that knit your very being, be the one doing more. 
And I can promise you that is a very extraordinary site.
Trying. Going to try harder.
I have got this. 
Are you going to let me have it? 
Or are you going to hang on so tight there is no room for Me?
Again, trying to let go. I want to let go.
You can do this, you can.
Loosen your grip and place your hand in mine.