Dear God Letters

Dear God, I can’t stop eating.

So God.
With all the junk or what feels like stressors going on I have picked back up a bad habit.
Do tell.
I am eating. Emotional eating. Like, I can’t stop eating.
I am just so frustrated by it because I was being soooo soooo sooo. I was making progress and then bam all I can do is eat, eat, eat. Blah!
Tell me why.
If I knew why don’t you think I would stop?
I think you do know why.
There is this comfort in it. Well it is comfort until I feel gross… like right now. I popped one too many M&M’s tonight. Food has always been this odd control thing for me. When things are out of control I abuse food in one way or the other.
And by abusing food what is happening?
I am hurting me…and you.
How are you hurting me?
I am relying on food to comfort me and feed me rather than depend on you for that sense of peace I am seeking in the midst of uneasiness.
How are you hurting you?
I just end up beating myself up for making constant bad choices. It is all silly really. It just needs to stop.
Okay. Then stop.
Much easier said than done.
It is just a choice. Make it. Food is not going to fix the emotions of anxiety you feel right now are they?
It is just more convenient for you to go to food than me every time a worry hits you.
Just call it out why don’t you.
Stop the nonsense. Pick up My Word, pick up a pen and journal, pick up the phone and call a friend but don’t pick up the food.
No more excuses, huh?
You can make them but I highly suggest no more excuses.
Thankful that tomorrow is a new day.