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Craving Joy? Discover Delight.

The year was 2002 and everything I had expected and hoped for in life was being ripped and stripped from me. My dream job was slipping out of my hands and I was being mandated into intensive treatment for an eating disorder that I didn’t think I had. The result of this was considerable isolation. In the moment it felt like a crisis that I might not survive. Romans 15:13 came to my eyes and I immediately locked in. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing  ...

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5 Feelings Every Mom Goes Through During the Summer and How to Cope

The best time of year for kids is sometimes one of the most overwhelming for moms. You veteran moms know what I’m talking about: summer break. The time when kids celebrate their freedom from school by saying, “I’m bored, Mom!” every five minutes. When you still have work to do but less time to do it. Even if your kids are older or you homeschool, summer is still a different game, with different daylight hours and different expectations. So how does a mom stay grounded during summer break  ...

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#SoulCare — Family Friendly Playlists for Your Summer Roadtrip Music

Raise your hand if you love and dread family road trips! With summer break coming up, it’s time for many of us to pile into SUVs and minivans with kids, more bags and snacks than a well-stocked Target, and destinations with names like “Ocean City” and “Grandma’s House.” Even though these trips tend to be rewarding — and cost-effective, compared to flights these days, right?! — they’re not without trials. Hours upon hours in the car, even by yourself, can end in boredom. Add a few more  ...

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Give Your Wife Gifts of Relaxation and Time this Mother’s Day

This one is for you, men! Some of you are great gift-selectors. Others feel a sense of dread every time Mother’s Day comes around: What will I get her? What does she want? What does she need? Chances are, your sweet wife — or your own mother — has a life that’s full to the brim. She has a full plate. A full heart. A full schedule. What she doesn’t have is time. The reality is, you can’t even add time to your own days, let alone someone else’s. But you can free up time that your wife spends  ...

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