Carey Bailey

Cravings {The Devotional)

The closest I will get to an Oscars Speech, probably. But you never know.

Since the Cravings daily devotional product, which hits stores next week, is not in a traditional book form I did not get the opportunity to have a thank you page. But there is a need to express my most utmost thanks to the people that made this little dream in my heart become a reality. This is my page of appreciation. To my incredibly beautiful children from God who serve as my constant source of inspiration. To my supportive and loving husband Eric who is a rock. To my Mama who  ...

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Prayer/Prayer Requests

Dear Daughter,

I am privileged to be guest posting today on MODSquad. It is such an incredible site for mothers of daughters! Please check it out and make plans to join other MODSquad moms in their “31 Days of Prayer” series starting October 1st. If you are visiting from MODSquad, welcome! I hope you will get cozy, dig around, and stay awhile. Dear Baby Girl, I sat in the waiting room. I was doing what you do in the doctors’ office waiting room; I was waiting. But it was a special  ...

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The long, dark, & winding road.

mr. man I was 34 when my first child was born. That is a lot of pre-mommy years to be selfish. While I love, love, love motherhood is was harder and had more adjustments than I expected. (I am hoping there are some nodding of heads and Amen’s being said out in cyber friend world.) Not only did I have a new life to care for but my identity suddenly felt all scrambled up. It took me till my son was one and a few months to feel normal again.   I was on the road to finding balance in this new  ...

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Camera Clicking Beauty

NOT my “work” photo shoot. But you get the point.  We had a “photo shoot” at work this week. They needed updated staff shots for our web-site. THE STRESS! I watched as every woman on staff including myself was sent into a sheer panic. The stories of changing outfits, going shopping, being unhappy with the choice made were endless. The way we primped, re-applied make-up, and teased our hair for “body” was out of control. It was seriously as bad as junior high after gym class. The  ...

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