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Back to School: 9 Ways to Practice Self Love

DEEP BREATH!! Summer is over, moms and dads! Although I will miss my kids while they’re at school, I am so excited to have a little more of my freedom back. If you’re a veteran mom, you probably have the whole back to school routine thing down, although every year it definitely doesn’t get any easier! There are school parent nights to attend and lunches to pack. Like me, you may be feeling a little worn down after a summer full of fun and the hectic first few weeks of the kids adjusting to their new schedules. For many of us, the back-to-school season is just a transition from one busy time to another. You may not have the kids during the day, but you’re going back to work, volunteering, or maintaining your home.

Before we jump into another world of craziness, let’s find time for ourselves. When I’m Craving Time, I like to put a little more thought into my self-care. It is so important to reward yourself and make sure that you are feeling renewed and fulfilled (it’s okay to be a little selfish in moderation and show yourself some love and gratitude). Want to know my tips and tricks to practice self love? Keep reading!

ways-practive-self love


#1 – Find something you love and do it every day

Paint. Read. Sing. Run. Play guitar. Knit. I could go on for days with little hobbies, but it’s up to you to find what puts that extra spark in your day. Whatever your pleasure, set some time aside every day to make yourself happy. Practicing your hobbies helps keep you feeling grounded for the rest of the day. It gives your day purpose and leaves you feeling full, something that is so necessary for your own happiness (and sometimes your own sanity)!


#2 – Get outside

I am so spoiled living in Colorado. Our weather is amazing and the views are gorgeous. It’s important to me to get outside every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It gets me away from the glaring screens of work and away from the housework I know I should be doing. Take a long look at the world God has created for us.


#3 – Learn something new

Start reading a new “how to” book or start listening to a new podcast. It’s casual, low-stress learning, while still expanding your mind. The sillier the better. Dive into the “Every Little Thing” podcast where they look into how the most ordinary subjects work. Her first episode is all about the fascinating life of office plants! Try to really focus on the podcast or book and don’t have any distractions in the background (netflix and chores can wait for 30 minutes).


#4 – Meditate. Reflect.

I have been trying to stretch my meditation bone for a while now and it is easier said than done. Take a couple minutes at the beginning and end of your day to clear your mind. For me, this is a sure-fire way to make sure I don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Approach each day welcoming God’s blessings. Put on the sound of beach waves or rain and pretend you’re on a tropical island or in a rainforest!


#5 – Dive into the Word

There’s no better way to improve your day than to reflect on Christ’s teachings. Start a Bible reading plan for the rest of the year or open up a new devotional. If you don’t have a lot of time, there are plenty of devotionals that only take 5-10 minutes. I love working on devotionals because of the lessons they teach. They are quick and easy ways to prod into your journey and reflect upon what progress you’ve made in your Christian walk.


#6 – Reconnect with friends

You and your mom friends are all celebrating your freedom! It’s finally time to get that coffee or catch the movie that you’ve been mentioning at church every week. Schedule the outing with your ladies and reconnect. You can even write a handwritten letter and send it via snail mail (a blast from the past, I know)! Have fun with your friends and strengthen your support group.


#7 – Add some flare to your home

Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers or a new plant to take care of while the kiddos are away. This will bring life into your home and will be a reminder of your independence. Switch up your decorations every once and awhile to avoid cabin fever.


#8 – Do something creative

You can’t be all Pinterest and no action! It’s time to take on that DIY project or the new recipe you’ve been dying to try. And no, this doesn’t have to be practical. Try your hand at painting or sculpture. Take up a new instrument. This way, you can hang your artwork on the fridge right next to your kids’.


#9 – Pamper yourself

Being a mom, you don’t always feel your prettiest; somehow, something is always sticky. Take your time getting ready in the morning, take a bath, do your hair and hit the mall. I’m not one to go crazy with my appearance, but sometimes I need to remind myself of my femininity and try on a pretty dress or some way-too-expensive heels.

Finding a break as a mom is difficult. With the kids going back to school, take advantage of what little free time you can dig up and take care of yourself. As a Christian Life Coach, I run into women every day who simply crave time and relaxation. Use these tips to keep positive and keep Him center of your life.