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Craving Time, Life Coaching

Craving Time in 2017?

At the end of the day, do you find that you’ve run out of time to do all the things you wanted to? Or, do you find yourself worn down by “it all” and wishing you were giving yourself some more soul care? As women and mompreneurs, we take it upon ourselves to be caregivers to our families, our  ...

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Dear God Letters

God, I failed you…again!

God, The view in the mirror right now grosses me out. Seriously. Over the last several weeks I have allowed things to get out of whack. Unbalanced. I am listening. Balance. That word just seems to haunt me. I desire it in every fiber of my being but I can’t seem to manage it. Instead I  ...

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Dear God Letters, Reviews

God, I failed.

God,  I need to admit something. Okay, what? Over the last few days as the reality of everything is starting to settle in I feel as if I have failed my children. How and why? I have been so focused on selfish prayers, my doubts, and worries that I have let go of pouring into them. Our daily  ...

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